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Watch in the best quality

Full Hd Video Player new  Play 4K Video is a media player that allows you to watch videos in ultra HD to give you the best viewing experience. It supports a lot of video and audio file formats so there is no need for you to go through the process of converting them. Full Hd Video Player new  Play 4K Video will also let you browse through your videos without having to exit the app. 

Play and listen

Using the app is really easy and will not take much of your device’s resources while running. It is also not intrusive and will allow you to play your videos in the background while you are using other apps and features of your phone. Should you need to use other functions of your device, you can always just switch to a smaller view where Full HD Video Player new Play 4K Video will shrink in order to give way and not block the other running apps. While in this mode, the media controls are also still displayed and are accessible so you can still pause or play your video or audio. After you are done with your other tasks, you can easily switch back to full-screen mode.

Easy controls 

The media controls are all present at the bottom of your screen and will disappear after a few seconds to make sure that you will not be distracted from watching your videos. They are pretty simple not only in design but as well as in function. The app has got the basic media controls covered, allowing you to play, pause, rewind, and move your videos or music forward. There are also buttons for screen lock, screen rotation, and screen size that are all strategically placed to avoid being intrusive and distracting. But aside from the buttons, the app also responds to other gestures such as making pinching motions inwards and outwards to zoom in and out. Panning is also possible by swiping your fingers to the left or right. 

Organized audio and video files

You can view all your videos and music through this app but to make things better, you can also organize and sort them according to their categories. Full HD Video Player new Play 4K Video will let you create folders so you can properly group your media together. By having them arranged in one place, it will be easier for you not only to locate them but also to delete multiple videos if necessary. Otherwise, you can smoothly scroll through them until you are able to decide on what to watch. 

The best viewing experience

Full Hd Video Player new  Play 4K Video gives us the chance to really enjoy watching our videos even through the small screen of our devices. It is easy to use and is made with its users’ comfort and convenience in mind. Full Hd Video Player new  Play 4K Video aims to deliver ultra high-quality entertainment. 


  • Stunning HD playback
  • Smooth controls
  • Compatible with a wide variety of devices
  • Supports lots of video and audio file formats


  • Sometimes crashes
  • Some video files are not supported for playback
  • Videos cannot be shared directly from the app
  • Limited customization options

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